Workspace Design Trends

As companies consider the best ways to bring employees back to their offices, a new approach to office design is developing. With employee health and flexibility at the forefront of company decisions, we in the design build industry are starting to see growing trends in office renovations that are fueled by some of the cultural shifts over the last year.

Work Design Magazine quotes five office design elements that are being utilized to fit the post pandemic work environment. The first of these is Outdoor Workspace that may include partitioned space for calls or meetings along with open areas for flexible seating. The second is Large Floor Plates that allow for expansive floor areas that provide flexibility and customization. The third design element being incorporated is Access to Daylight for both physical and emotional health. The fourth element, HVAC systems, is less about design and more about effectively increasing healthy air quality. The last is the use of Mixed-Use buildings to allow for a communal feel that includes not only work but gyms, restaurants and other aspects of life.

As creating a healthy workspace is one of our core goals for our team, we are excited to see a movement towards health-minded development. In all our office work it has been important to us to help our clients design spaces that foster connectedness and creativity. In many of our office spaces we have worked to infuse daylight and enable flexibility with open spaces and well placed windows.

Workspace Design Trends
Workspace Design Trends

If you are interested in meeting with our team to talk through ways you can enhance your office with some of these design trends please reach out! 

You can also learn more about progressive workplace design by reading the mentioned Work Design article here:

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