The Three Pillars of Alloy Workshop

When Dan and Zach started Alloy Workshop they set out to build a thoughtful and streamlined experience for their clients. As they developed the design process that would foster natural collaboration they also created a set of values that would contribute to the positive impact they wanted to make on their team and in their community.

We keep these goals ever-present with the three pillars of Alloy Workshop:

1. Good Projects  2. Healthy Workplace  3. Community Wellness

“Good projects” goes beyond the project type and scope. It focuses our team on creating beautiful, livable, and durable structures, while providing a valuable and enjoyable client experience.

Good Projects

“A healthy workplace” means cultivating a meaningful work environment and a healthy business. If our team feels welcome, supported and appreciated it not only shows in what they design and build but also in the way they show inclusion and support in the community.

Community Wellness
Group Portait

This all plays out in our final Pillar “Community Wellness.” We don’t just work in the Charlottesville area but each of us plays an active part in where we live. We believe it is important for our team to contribute to the well-being of our community. Individually we take time to volunteer in local organizations and schools. As a team we are committed to building much needed new homes each year with the regional chapter of Habitat for Humanity.

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