Designed to Age in Place

Homeowners in the 65+ population don’t want to live out their golden years like their parents. Today’s older generation realize how much life and health they get from their local community and want to make changes that allow them to continue to live in their home. So, it is no surprise that design for “aging in place” is on the upswing and with some well thought out renovations, most homes can be enhanced for all stages of life.

Alloy has seen a local increase in renovations focused on aging in place. The couple in our featured project was looking for a few exterior and interior updates to enable them to stay in the home they love.

Our work included an exterior update that reshaped the front entrance to add a patio that easily connected our clients to their neighbors. We also utilized long low steps with a no-slip surface leading to the front door.

In the interior we focused on the master bathroom creating a “wet room” where both the tub and walk-in shower share a sliding glass door and tile floor. To increase the ease of use we also included grab bars and a shower seat. Lastly, we installed a mounted double sink vanity that provides an uncluttered look as well as a reduced risk of tripping. This modern bathroom is not only design-forward but aligns with aging in place standards.

Exterior of House
Tub and Shower

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