Garth Road kitchen

Garth Road Kitchen

PROJECT: Architecture & Construction
DESCRIPTION: Residential Renovation

“We had a really wonderful experience with Alloy for our kitchen renovation. We always felt like we were 100% in the loop with everything that was going on… We are incredibly pleased with the work itself (and) our project manager was absolutely top notch. We highly recommend working with Alloy!”

Less is more? Removing and moving walls can get you a lot more living space — more and better space — with the same square footage. The owners of this Ivy home, working with Alloy’s architects, took the bold step of removing two walls to create a single open space for the kitchen, dining area, and den.

After gutting the space, we extended hardwood flooring across the entire floor, giving the new rooms a cohesive appearance despite their three distinct purposes.

The kitchen is surely the centerpiece of the renovation. The white stacked wall ovens are an elegant solution for keeping the design effortlessly efficient. The counter separating the kitchen from the dining area is large enough to simultaneously be a cooking prep area and a place for the kids to do school work or to badger the cook.

The stove top and hood are not even readily apparent, as the hood is concealed in a faux cabinet and the stove top is set into a continuous piece of marble. In the dining area, a custom-built bar/cabinet/desk covers a lot of ground in a small footprint — something an off-the-shelf piece can seldom do.

This kind of careful design and workmanship creates successful projects that accomplish the clients’ goals and are a pleasure to show off.

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