Schematic Design Manager Job Description


As an employee at Alloy you are a part of a team with the goal to provide our Clients with a superb experience. To achieve this goal we aim to deliver projects of exceptional quality, delivered within the proposed schedule and for the established budget. As a small firm working as a team your tasks and responsibilities will be diverse. To achieve our goals we will need to utilize a wide variety of skills including attention to detail, a high level of organization, a warm personality, a willingness to learn and an “all for one, one for all” action-oriented mindset.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Develop design iterations quickly and explain them clearly to both teammates and Clients using Sketchup and hand drawing.
  • Manage the Client’s experience throughout the Schematic Design Phase.
  • Manage the production schedule for multiple projects through the Schematic Design Phase.

Secondary Responsibilities

  • Review project program, design proposal and completed client questionnaire.
  • Review with the Clients and Selections Manager the ‘Look and Feel’ documents (Pinterest/Houzz) for each Project.
  • Assist in creation of an existing conditions digital model and as-built drawing set.
  • Assist in review of local, state and federal codes, regulations and zoning requirements.
  • Work with Project Developer (estimator) to identify scope of work, budget items and allowance items.
  • Investigate new products and materials.
  • Create documents for all phases of the design process: sketch, build and refine 3D models, create and revise drawing sets and create presentation drawings.
  • Assist in creation of a complete drawing set for obtaining a building permit and pricing.

Additional Responsibilities

  • Attend and record meetings with Architectural Team and Clients.
  • Attend and participate in weekly Architecture team and monthly company meetings.
  • Maintain an organized work space.
  • Submit time tracking on a daily basis.


  • Bachelors or Masters degree from an accredited Architecture or Interior Design program.
  • Experience working full time for an architectural firm.
  • Proficiency with Sketchup.
  • Experience with all aspects of an architecture project.
  • Confidence and talent in design and communication.

To apply, email jobs@alloyworkshop.com with a cover letter, resume, and portfolio.

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