Design Manager Job Description


As an employee at Alloy you are a part of a team with the goal to provide our Clients with a superb experience. To achieve this goal we aim to deliver projects of exceptional quality, delivered within the proposed schedule and for the established budget. As a small firm working as a team your tasks and responsibilities will be diverse. To achieve our goals we will need to utilize a wide variety of skills including attention to detail, a high level of organization, a warm personality, a willingness to learn and an “all for one, one for all” action-oriented mindset.

Primary Responsibility

Managing the project schedule and client experience for multiple projects from
beginning to end.


  • Bachelors or Masters degree from an accredited Architecture or Interior Design program.
  • Minimum 5 years of experience working full time for an architectural firm.
  • Proficiency with Sketchup.
  • Experience with all aspects of an architecture project.
  • Confidence and talent in design and communication.
  • Ability to multi-task and work under pressure.

Additional Responsibilities

Review project program, design proposal and completed client questionnaire.
Review with Client’s their Look and Feel documents (Pinterest/Houzz review).

Client Relations
Attend and record meetings with Architectural Team and Client.
Answer questions regarding project details and maintain communications with Clients.

Materials and Products Research
Specify materials, fixtures and products based on client’s budget and needs.

Building Cost Analysis
Meet with Project Developer (estimator) to identify scope of work, budget items and allowance items.

Site, Environmental & Code Analysis
Site visit(s) to measure and photograph existing conditions.
Assist in creation of an existing conditions digital model and as-built drawing set.
Assist in review of local, state and federal codes, regulations and zoning requirements.

Design & Documentation
Ability to produce design iterations quickly and explain them clearly
Create documents for all phases of the design process: sketch, build and refine 3D models, create and revise
drawing sets and create presentation drawings.
Assist in creation of a complete drawing set for obtaining a building permit and pricing.

Construction Administration and Support
Review material orders (windows, cabinet, etc).
Prepare/review shop drawings and construction details.

Alloy Experience
Attend and participate in weekly Architecture team and monthly company meetings.
Maintain an organized work space.

To apply, email jobs@alloyworkshop.com with a cover letter, resume, and portfolio.

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