Posted on January 14, 2010 · Posted in Uncategorized

While Alloy Architecture was designing the space that would become Rise PizzaWorks, Alloy Graphic Design was hard at work developing the brand.  Logo, colors, messaging, and uniforms all designed to work seamlessly with the space.

The logo was designed to have a feeling of solidarity and power, a timeless maturity with a certain freshness.

The bright color palette is echoed throughout the restaurant in the architecture and signage and spills into the sidewalk of the shopping center inviting you in.

The menu was a design challenge in itself.  The problems to be solved were many:  How do you explain a new process of ordering pizza?  How do you showcase the nearly limitless topping combinations in an easy to understand format?  How do you get customers to read from right to left following the way they enter the space?  The result is a product of countless revisions and research.  It gives you an easy to follow process that allows new and old customers to arrive at their perfect pizza.