Posted on October 12, 2009 · Posted in Uncategorized

When the owners of Rise PizzaWorks knew they wanted a completely unique and totally functional space, they came to Alloy Workshop.  Not only did Alloy design the space, the award winning carpentry crew built it, and the graphic design team designed the logo, menus, and uniforms.

Just walking down the sidewalk, you can almost see the colors of the space radiating out on to the pavement.  The yellows, oranges, and grays of the space work together with dramatic architectural elements to create a bold but inviting space.  The dynamic materials palette defines the space into its various functions, entering, ordering, seating, exiting without the use of way-finding signage.

The logo, menus, and uniforms also work in perfect harmony with the architecture since they were developed quite literally next to one another – one of the greatest benefits to having all three creative departments in one company.