Wright Lane Bathroom Renovation

Project Description

This bathroom renovation was commissioned by two doctors who wanted a serene space to come home to and relax. Their pre-renovation bathroom suffered from an inefficient layout and did not convey the elegance or tranquility that they desired.

In our design, we used four zones to define the open space of the room: private toilet, vanity, wet room, and storage wall. We created a calming and elegant environment through the use of surface materials, colors, light, and fixtures. Two new skylights allow natural light to wash the white walls, conveying clarity and peace into the heart of the room. Materials used include walnut wall and ceiling panels, slate countertop, white enameled casework, and frameless glass.

Now, when our clients come home after surgery or a delivery at 3 a.m., they have a beautiful space in which to unwind from their demanding work.