Rutledge Ave Renovations

Project Description

The clients came to Alloy with an inefficient kitchen adjacent to a large, yet claustrophobic-feeling family room and a small, seldom-used deck.    Our goal with this renovation was to create a modern kitchen with more efficient storage and work spaces, while creating a fluid relationship to the living room/dining room spaces and the deck.  The ultimate goal was to create a perceptual flow from inside to outside, while improving the efficiency and aesthetics of the entire space.

The kitchen has a bright yet restrained material palette.  Wood butcher-block countertops, stainless steel backsplashes, and modern white cabinets create a crisp and clean look.  Bold accents of color at the floor (bright orange linoleum) and at the wall separating the kitchen and the living spaces bring a playful lightness to the space.   

The design objective in the living room was to create a sense of openness in a space that was previously constrained by its long and narrow proportions and low ceiling.  In order to open up the space, we added a continuous row of clerestory windows along the south wall, to bring light into the space but limit the view to the unsightly neighboring property.  A set of sliding glass doors opens directly onto the deck, allowing the space to flow continuously from interior to exterior.   A subtle paint scheme on the walls (grey on the bottom and white on the top) works to perceptually raise the ceiling height, and lighten the space throughout.

By enlarging the existing deck and adding a screen on the south side to block the view of the adjacent property, we made the exterior space inviting. A tall screen made of stained wood and metal mesh will eventually support climbing, flowering vines. We added hidden ambient lighting to illuminate the space for nighttime gatherings. 

The basement office is warm and sophisticated. It is private and yet open to the rest of the basement when the custom sliding barn door is open. Carpet tiles and birch wall cladding add texture and warmth to the room. The built-in desk and shelves make it easy to focus on the task at hand or to retreat and relax.


Andrea Hubbell Photography