Project Description


The client for this office renovation project is a young, web-based development company interested in creating a collaborative, fun, and open office environment. The existing space was a traditional law office with an abundance of dark surfaces, and enclosed individual offices. In the interest of minimizing costs for the renovation, the design team maintained the central core of the existing space containing the conference rooms. The leftover central volume is a brightly colored visual focal point and a hub for the surrounding open space. With the central core housing private and sound isolated meeting space, the surrounding office maintains openness to facilitate an atmosphere of fun and collaboration. The open office design allows the existing windows to throw daylight deep into the space. The removal of dropped ceilings expose the steel structure and create a sense of openness in the space. Re-using and re-appropriating materials sparked design innovation throughout the space. The new lights, for example, use existing fixtures in a reconfigured custom box. The office white boards are up cycled from existing glass storefront walls.

Andrea Hubbell Photography