Park Street Renovations

Project Description

Originally built in 1859 by Justice William J. Robertson and listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1999, this home has elements of both the Italianate and Gothic Revival styles, which were taken into consideration during the design process.  

The project consisted of three main components: a basement renovation, a new screened in porch, and a new two-car garage. 

We removed the original brick floor from the basement, which was causing moisture issues, and replaced it with an insulated, colored concrete slab. The end result: a previously unusable space was transformed into a family room,  a complete guest suite, and an exercise room.

In the guest bedroom, low ceilings (due to existing duct work) were strategically wrapped with stained tongue-and-groove pine, creating a cozy sleeping nook. In the bathroom, subway tiles and lightly stained wood are the background to a livelier tile accent in the shower and around the vanity. 

The family room features a floor-to-ceiling millwork piece filled with storage cubbies; some have doors to conceal and others are open for display.

The screened porch is located at the back of the house, overlooking a new stone patio at the lower-level yard. The new porch takes cues from the existing sunroom by matching materials, colors, and proportion. This outdoor space allows the clients to sit and relax while staying close to their children at play.

The garage was built using the same material palette and style of the house, but set back so as to give the main house prime placement. With large, sliding barn doors on the back, it opens up to a manicured lawn, allowing the garage to double as a pavilion for outdoor entertaining and yard parties. Alloy worked with Water Street Studio, a local architectural landscaping firm, to create  inviting and usable spaces for the children and adults to enjoy. 

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Andrea Hubbell Photography