Augusta Street Two-Story Addition

Project Description

Our clients for this renovation/addition project, are a couple who enjoys entertaining: dinners with friends, bar-b-q’s, and sipping a glass of wine on the porch are some of their favorite activities.  Their existing kitchen was starting to feel too cramped and claustrophobic to meet their needs, so they asked Alloy to help them expand.

Ultimately, the project became a kitchen renovation and expansion with a screened porch and deck addition.  The kitchen took over the footprint of an existing screened porch and was updated with all new cabinets and appliances.  It features soapstone countertops, bar seating with custom steel table legs by Alloy, and a large corner window that maximizes access to natural light and a feeling of openness in the space.

The dining room opens onto a new, screened-in porch via an oversized, sliding glass door to allow an uninterrupted flow between inside and outside.  A built-in bench at the dining table creates a generous circulation zone to access the outdoor rooms.

In addition, this project included a new, screened-in porch with cathedral ceiling for outdoor dining, as well as a new deck that allows access to their back yard.