Mondrian Bathroom Renovation

Project Description

The clients for this small bathroom project are passionate art enthusiasts and asked the architects to create a space based on the work of one of their favorite abstract painters, Piet Mondrian.  Mondrian was a Dutch artist associated with the De Stijl movement which reduced designs down to basic rectilinear forms and primary colors within a grid.  Alloy used floor to ceiling recycled glass tiles to re-interpret Mondrian’s compositions, using blocks of color in a white grid of tile to delineate space and the functions within the small room.   A red block of color is recessed and becomes a niche, a blue block is a shower seat, a yellow rectangle connects shower fixtures with the drain.   

The bathroom also has many aging-in-place design components which were a priority for the clients. There is a zero clearance entrance to the shower. We widened the doorway for greater accessibility and installed a pocket door to save space. ADA compliant grab bars were located to compliment the tile composition.