Posted on March 23, 2012 · Posted in Uncategorized

The brainchild of Richard and Megan Zakin, buy One Meatball Place will feature, you guessed it, the meatball in all its epicurean glory. Having seen this concept successfully implemented and embraced in other parts of the country, the Zakins decided Cville needed a meaty eatery of its own.

After meeting to discuss the concept, Alloy (Kate) brought the idea to life with a beautiful rendering of the future space. Diner meets dress-up, the design has an elegant down-home vibe. In a former life, the existing building, across from the Blue Moon Diner, served as an auto-repair shop. Maintaining elements of its history, the design incorporates exposed stucco and brick from the original building while adding a new tin ceiling and custom woodwork. These elements combine to create a warm, friendly environment that is sure to serve as a community gathering place in downtown.

Zakin recently told the Charlottesville Business Journal, “The concept really is you pick your meatball, you pick your sauce and you pick the format that it’s delivered to you, whether it’s along with pasta or on a sandwich or on a salad or other variants.”

Mr. Zakin, you had me at meatball. You had me at meatball.

One Meatball Place is slated to open this Spring at 513 West Main St in downtown.