Preservation Week Exhibit

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Preservation Week is an opportunity for local and regional organizations and citizens interested in historic...

Dan’s Olio Video

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The Olio program at the CCDC was a great success. If you missed it, you missed out. But in case you did miss it...

Inter Fraternity Council Judiciary Committee Handbook

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Charged with the task of bringing a visual excitement to the structure and guidelines of the Inter Fraternity Council Judiciary Committee...

League of Therapists

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The League of Therapists brings together therapy professionals from around Virginia...

Live Arts Gala 2007

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Reflecting the whimsical feel of the night, Alloy created print and web materials for the 2007 Live Arts gala and after-party.

Dance Local Birthday Bash

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Invitation created for a couple of "local girls" sharing a birthday. The invitation utilizes a printing technique...

Alloy 2nd Anniversary Invitation

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To celebrate our 2nd full year we decided to throw a party for our clients and contemporaries. The party...

The Greater Wall

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The client for the ‘Great Wall’ moved closer to downtown Charlottesville and again asked us to create a center piece for his living room. As with…

The Great Wall

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Located in the Belmont Lofts in Charlottesville Virginia, this project started out as a request for an entertainment center. After meeting…

Boylan Heights

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Visual identity and branding for a new restaurant based loosely on the prep school experience with a hint of subversion.