Posted on February 10, 2010 · Posted in Uncategorized

18th Annual Live Arts Gala/AfterGlow
This year, as Creative Sponsor to the Gala, Alloy designed the entire of the look and feel of the event, from set architecture, to invitations, and again, the music.  The “Pippi Longstockings meets Björk while lost in the woods” theme sprung from white wine induced (it was summer, after all) brainstorm sessions and really started to take shape through sketches and 3D computer models.  The real excitement came the week of Gala when volunteers bustling about the stage building a life size two-story, two dimensional French chalet surrounded by poppy blossoms the size of golf umbrellas.  By all accounts the Gala was an amazing success.  With aerialist dancers performing above the dance floor and our own Wes Webb [DJ WesternFront] making sure the beats never stopped, it was certainly a contender for “Party of the Year”.