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You know us as skilled designers and carpenters, but did you know we also rock some musical talent?

We Are Star Children
Alloy Co-Founder Zach is the bassist in the band We Are Star Children (formerly Straight Punch to the Crotch).  If you’ve experienced the Charlottesville music scene, they’re pretty hard to miss.  WASC is an eclectic fusion of countless genres formed around catchy pop hooks and unicorns.

They have been working hard in the studio on a brand new EP that is due out soon and is full of keyboards, trumpets, rainbows, and robots.

DJ WesternFront
Alloy Graphic Designer Wes, AKA DJ WesternFront, has finally released his collection of mash-ups.  The tracks are created by basically playing two songs on two record players at the same time.  With a splash of patience and a lot of technical gymnastics, the two are composed into a unified piece.  The full collection of gratuitous pop, underground house, indie-rock, and occasional television theme song, entitled “Gray Matter”, can be downloaded here. (Right click the link and choose “Save Link As”)

Downbeat Project
Tenured Alloy carpenter Gerald, also a bassist [there must be some correlation between hammering nails and banging bass lines], and Zack play with Downbeat Project.  Downbeat Project’s soulful jazz collection of extremely talented musicians is about to release their next album in the spring.  Also, keep an eye out for upcoming gigs, they are really something wonderful live.

The Studio Sessionist
Kevin Petit is little bit lone wolf a lot bit talented. He always seems to have a project in some state of completion tinkering away until it’s just right. Recording multiple instruments all by himself, he creates little orchestras that somehow explain what’s going on in his head. Currently he is putting the finishing touches on an “alt-country drinking ballad” with a full string section.

The project of the other Alloy Founder is something of an enigma.  This band, made up mostly of skateboarders riding their second wind, pays homage to the punk rock forefathers.  Banging away in basements and living rooms, FacePlant will soon emerge into the limelight and bring with them the fire of youth that lives in us all.