Posted on July 12, 2012 · Posted in Alloy In The Community, News

As it turns out, our carpenters are not only exceedingly talented, ahem “C-Ville Best Carpenter 2009 & 2010”, but they are also sensitive – real sweethearts (don’t tell them I told you). Apparently, creativity begets creativity and instead of going home after work to soak their weary bones, they toil away on projects for friends and family.

Don’t believe me? I shall prove it.

Up first, Alex Wear, miracle wood worker, in his own words:

“This is a track-mounted, hollow-core door laminated in handmade wooden tiles. The material for the tiles was salvaged from a demolished 1900s home owned by Alloy intern architect, Michael DeMonaco. Two dozen boards were selected that exhibited the variety of finishes, textures, and species of wood that characterized the former, century old, Virginia home. As you can see, there is still an area that needs filling. For that spot I have a metal plate that I intend to patina before installing.”

What Alex failed to mention is that he fashioned this masterpiece for a friend not out of wood but out of the goodness of his heart. True story.

And finally, Andy Webster, Mr. Sensitive Salvager (or Romantic Reclaimer – depending on his mood), with his description of a recent project for his sweetheart:

“Zach B and I scored some prime barn wood while on a scavenging mission for the new office ceiling and wall detail. I managed to save a few choice boards from a slow, table-saw death and planed them, joined them and bolted them into a romantic, yet thrifty, anniversary gift for the current Mrs. Webster. Also, I discovered that LVL has some hidden charm when you remove the outer layers of funk and reveal the poplar and pine core. From Barn to Bedroom!”

That’s what she said.