Alloy (n.) — a union of different elements, resulting in a material that is stronger, lighter and more versatile.

Alloy Workshop is an architecture, construction, and graphic design studio based in Charlottesville, Virginia. As the name suggests, Alloy unites elements of the design process: licensed architects, licensed contractors, and experienced graphic designers. Alloy provides a unique combination: a company spanning the entire design spectrum. While focused on providing design-driven solutions we are anchored by a practical knowledge of construction and production.



At Alloy we specialize in creative and custom design for residential and commercial renovation projects. Our creative design process has, at its foundation, a practical knowledge of construction techniques and cost. We strive to design and deliver projects that can be realized for our clients.


We realize that a successful project is as much about quality of service and process as it is craftsmanship and product.  We take great care to provide our customers with realistic expectations for schedule, cost, and product and work to meet those expectations. We know that the highest quality finished product can not be fully appreciated if the process to achieve that goal is too disruptive or difficult.  Our construction process is streamlined yet flexible and collaborative. We want you to know what you are getting for the dollar you are spending at any moment in the project.  

Graphic Design

Your work speaks for itself…how do you get people to listen?

Being the best kept secret is wonderful if you’re running a speakeasy, but wouldn’t you rather crowds gather at your door?

Perhaps your company’s visual identity needs a fresh start, or you need an advertising campaign that will keep your phone ringing off the hook. Alloy’s graphic design is creative, experienced, and knows how to make you look your best. Bring us into the mix to help you shine brighter than your competition.

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